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November 12, 2008 Sharing, made easy

YouTube is all the rage, but just a few years ago, it didn't even exist. So it is no surprise some people still aren't familiar with how to transfer video to your computer to a website and then to friends. Now one website is making the whole process a lot easier

Qik.com is a great site for anyone who wants to upload video of their busy lives. With this website you skip the time-consuming steps of downloading your videos onto your computer then uploading on to YouTube. With Qik you broadcast video live from your mobile phone to its website or to any website where you embed the player. Be careful though, when we tried it, we found only some cell phones are compatible to the program.

LINK: http://www.Qik.com

Food snobs not allowed

No culinary institute degrees needed on this site. Yelp.com is a site that has become a growing force in food-obsessed corners of the web. The beauty of food review resource is anyone can review any restaurant. That means you can even review your local McDonalds or mom and pop pizza joint. There are now 4 million reviews written and 15 visitors per month.

LINK: http://www.Yelp.com

Oscar bound?

If you ever aspired to be the next Matt Damon and Ben Affleck writing team, log on to plotbot.com. This site guides you through writing your own screenplay you can also collaborate with others on a project. You must become a member but that of course, is free.

LINK: http://www.plotbot.com

Eye for Science

There's no better or fun way to learn about science than to have your own personal teacher. That's sort of the idea behind www.eyesofnye.org. The website contains episode clips, along with "fast facts" and featured scientists. This site is great for curious kids and those students who may be struggling in the subject. Bill Nye's cartoonish approach makes complicated scientific concepts easier to understand.

LINK: http://www.eyesofnye.org

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