How to haggle for everything

PHILADELPHIA - November 14, 2008 - What Action News wanted to know is: Can you get additional savings off an item's marked price by haggling?

We asked Connie Gerlach to go undercover to find out.

Connie's first stop was Littman Jewelers where Connie had her eye on a $400 diamond pendant.

"Are any of these on sale?" Connie asked. "

"There's the sale price," she was told by the employee on duty.

"Is there any further discount on any of these?" Connie wanted to know.

"No, its already marked down," she was told.

"So, then I asked if a manager was able to offer me anything at all," Connie said. "The manager was able to offer me 25 dollars off."

Tip number one: Always ask for the store manager who has the power to approve extra discounts.

Next stop: Lowes.

Connie found a refrigerator already marked down to $1,300 because of a small dent.

She asked for a better bargain, and got the refrigerator for $1,199.

Tip two: Always ask for a deeper discount on items that have even the tiniest flaws or damage.

Now it's time to shop for electronics.

Connie heads to Best Buy for a digital camera.

There, she found an open-box deal on a camera, and the store brought the price down to $159.

Tip three: Open box and display items could mean more savings.

"He took another $20 off and said that all the open box products, you could ask for a price reduction and they would be glad to give it to you!" Connie said.

Finally, we headed to Raymour and Flanigan and haggle over a leather sofa set which originally cost $2,400.

"I was wondering if there's any chance of movement on the price. Any discounts on top of the sale price that can be offered," Connie asked the salesperson.

"Let me get some numbers some prices and take it to the manager." Connie: Ok

She came back with a final price of $1800, a savings of $600.

Tip Four: Never pay full price on big-ticket, expensive items like furniture. Sales people for those items are expecting you to haggle.

We did contact all the retailers in our story. They tell us while they don't have a set policy on haggling, they do work to provide customers the best prices to fit their needs and budgets. Raymour and Flannigan as well as Lowes want to remind you, they offer low-price guarantees.

You can haggle over things other than price. Some retailers will throw in free products, installation, or delivery.

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