Call your cable company to ask for a better deal

November 18, 2008

With Verizon FIOS cabling in to many neighborhoods now, other cable TV, internet and phone providers are being forced to compete.

If you're a customer who gets all your services from one company, you might find it worth your while to find out what that company's competitors are charging for the same services.

If you can get a better deal you have a choice. You can switch. Or you can call you existing company and tell them you're considering switching.

They may forward your call to a customer retention specialist. That person's job is to keep you as a customer.

And to accomplish that, he or she may offer you a better deal than either the one you have now, or the one you could get from the competitor.

You might have to spend some time on the phone and you should be polite during your call. But we heard from one person who said his rate was knocked down $25 a month when he told his current company he was thinking of switching. Well worth listening to a little hold music!

Thanks to David, who passed along this tip.

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