Hunger rising in America

November 25, 2008

The nation's largest hunger-relief organization says hunger in America is on the rise.

And the face of hunger is changing.

'Feeding America', formerly called 'Second Harvest,' says 1 in 8 people is now on the brink of hunger.

The biggest increases are among kids, and adults who have jobs, but don't make enough to feed their families.

Some holiday programs say 40-percent of their clients are first-timers.

Rev. Steve Whitaker, the executive director of the John 3:16 mission in Oklahoma, says, " We've never seen the number of people like we've seen out here."

Tracy Pitman, one of those first-timers, says, "You can't be ashamed of it nowadays. Everybody needs help out there."

Demand at food banks has risen sharply, but supplies are down, because many of those who normally contribute have had to tighten their own belts.

So the organization has launched a new campaign to change the way Americans look at hunger.

'Feeding America' hopes to get more volunteers involved, including a new infusion of volunteers and financial support, to bridge the nation's "food gap." It is seeking

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