What happened to Paul Graff?

November 26, 2008

21-year-old Paul Graff was out at the Roadside Bar and Grill in Burlington, Burlington County the night of August 17th, 2007.

Witnesses said there was an altercation with Graff inside the bar. He was asked to leave and another altercation allegedly happened in the parking lot. Then at about midnight Graff's body was found on the turnpike near mile marker 26.

Police said several cars had hit him.

The investigation points to an accident but Graff's family is not so sure.

"Due to the altercation prior the family thinks there may have been something these since the time element and they couldn't just picture their kid walking up on the turnpike by himself," said John Apeldorn, President of the Citizens Crime Commission.

The family has put together a 25-thousand dollar reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

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