Facebook Virus

December 5, 2008 JNET says hundreds of journalists, ad executives and public relations professionals who use the site received a message through their pages. It urges the user to click on a suggestive video.

One message, according to the Journal, read: "Look you were filmed all naked!" When the users clicked on the message, they were directed to a web page that resembled YouTube - but were asked to download a Flash plug-in to watch the video. Then, the virus strikes.

"Some victims report the bug has taken control of their browser, redirecting Google search links to other pages," reports the journal. It also says a similar virus attacked Facebook users in Canada in August.

JNET obtained this statement from Facebook: "Only a very small percentage of Facebook users have been affected and we're working quickly to update our security systems to minimize any further impact." Facebook is resetting passwords on infected accounts, removing malicious messages and working with third parties to remove redirects to malicious content elsewhere on the web.
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