Band will march for inauguration

GREENVILLE, Del. - December 8, 2008 The /*A.I. Dupont High School*/ marching band is preparing for the big parade.

Inside the school today, anxious band members got the good news: The Alexis I. DuPont marching band will be among the prestigious few invited to the upcoming inauguration parade.

Outside, it was clear to see why this award winning band got the invite.

More than 200 students make up the Tiger Marching Band. In the last 4 years this group has been invited to such places as the /*Rose Bowl*/ in California, the /*Fiesta Bowl*/ in Phoenix, Italy and -- later this month -- they'll perform in London.

But for the students, all those other venues take a back seat.

Tyler Aikman, senior, told Action News, "They don't compare to this. This is the inauguaration of the president so its special to everyone."

Just as happy and proud is /*Paul Parets*/, the band's director for 36 years. Paul Parets told Action News, "We're so excited to be a part of it and to represent Delaware in that kind of arena... it sort of leaves you speechless."

So Parets let's his band speak for itself. Of course all of the kids are expecting it to be freezing cold on Inauguration Day but they know they'll have many warm memories. Especially Patrick Bowers. His dad marched in /*Jimmy Carter*/'s inauguration parade with A.I.'s band.

"He's got to do it and he gets to pass it on to me too so it's a good family tradition we get to hold up," Bowers said.

From the band players to the band front, each student here will have a story to spin as the take part in the historical inauguration.

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