On The Net: Finding flicks, prayers, donations

December 10, 2008 Finding Flicks

For many of us Friday night is movie night. For everyone who enjoys the comfort of their couch over crowded rows in a movie theater, we've got a website that may help you in your DVD selections.

These days deciding which movie to watch can be a lot of work, but lucky for you, things just got a lot easier. Clerkdogs.com is a new movie recommendation site. Simply think about the type of movie you're in the mood for, then type in the name of the one you like in the same genre and the site will give you a list of options and details about how each compares with the original movie. Here's how the site is different, the recommendations are not created by computers or some software program, but by video store clerks themselves.

LINK: http://www.Clerkdogs.com

Power of prayer powered by the web

We all know you can find pretty much anything on the Internet, even, prayer. Yes, sites like prayabout.com, ipraytoday.com and ourprayer.org are online resources that allow anyone to request for free that strangers pray for them. The sites do not focus on a particular religion, but they do share a common mantra, the more people pray for something the better the chance that prayer is answered. The site says you can request a prayer for anything and you will be notified instantly when people respond to your requests.

LINKS: http://www.prayabout.com

Virtual Red Kettle

When you think of the holidays, you may also think of the red kettle. Well now there's an online way to give to the Salvation Army; better yet, you can start your own virtual Red Kettle.

Here's how it works: log on to 877redkettle.org. You can start an individual kettle or form a kettle team. Through your webpage you can send emails to your friends to donate or you can use your facebook page to get people to contribute.

Randall Thomas of the Salvation Army says this virtual red kettle is helping the charity through these tough economic times by reaching more people.

"The amount of the gifts is smaller than it has been in the past, but since there are more gifts, that is putting us ahead," Thomas said.

Eagles player Omar Gaither and the Flyers have both started team kettles so you can donate directly to their kettles. More than 60 percent of all funds raised for the Salvation Army are collected through the Christmas campaign, so even if you can only donate a small amount, it will really help them this year.

LINK: http://www.877redkettle.org

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