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CENTER CITY - December 11, 2008 Frank Monzo of Haddon Township,New Jersey. got a phone call from an auto dealership a year and a half ago.

They called to tell him:

"That someone had used my name to try to purchase a vehicle, when I told them that it wasn't me, first thing I did was contact Trans Union," Monzo said.

By that time, Monzo discovered that it was too late. Using Monzo's impeccable credit rating, the feds allege /*Mark Green*/ and his cohorts bought high priced vehicles, SUVs, and a Mercedes Benz.

That was not all.

Monzo says they had opened up accounts virtually everywhere including Macy's, Crate and Barrel, Old Navy, and J.C. Penney.

To keep it all under the radar, authorities say the culprits went an extra step than regular con artists. They opened a checking account at Wachovia in Monzo's name and paid the minimum balances on the accounts to keep them open. It went on for months before Monzo found out about it.

"As it turns out, looks like the number [they took was] somewhere over $400,000," Monzo said.

To this day, it remains a mystery how Green and his cohorts allegedly managed to steal Monzo's identity. It took him almost a year to clear up his credit.

"About 9 months which is a relatively short period of time from what I understand," Monzo said.

The feds say there are other victims out there with a combined total loss of almost a million dollars and that's just the one's they know about.

The investigation they say is very much on going with Green in federal custody.

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