Some unhappy about low gas prices

HAMILTON, N.J. - December 16, 2008 - That's great news for drivers, who are filling up on regular unleaded for an average of $1.66 per gallon nationwide.

But it's created an unusual dilemma for smaller gas stations.

Muhammad Ahmad owns the Trenton Gulf station on Olden Ave. in Hamilton. He knows his prices are higher than some of the bigger stations and off-brands. But, he says, it's difficult to compete because he has to buy gas in 8,600 gallon loads.

"If I buy 8,600 gallons, just the way the prices kept on going down, then I'm stuck with the old price that I got before. Then, I've got to keep on selling that price and if my competitors, if they're going down, I'm losing a whole bunch of money," Ahmad said.

That's because lots of drivers will go to where gas is cheaper, even if it's only by a cent or two.

Prices are down because there is more supply than demand in these tough economic times. People, and businesses, are spending less time on the road, and therefore using less gas.

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