How well do you know your pet?

December 17, 2008 6:15:47 AM PST
Two-thirds of pet owners responding to an Associated poll say they understand the woofs, meows or other sounds their animal pals utter. This includes 18 percent who say their comprehension is total.

And in a finding that many parents of teenagers would no doubt envy, 62 percent of the pet owners say that when they speak to their pets, the critters get the message.

Retired chemist Stephen King of Kempner, Texas, says he speaks to his dog Dagny on limited subjects, and that she does the same with him. King says he understands her repertoire of barks signaling anger, eagerness, contentment and other feelings.

More women than men say they and their pets understand each other's verbal stabs at communication.

Fewer than one in ten pet owners say they and their pets are clueless about what each is saying to the other. Men are about twice as likely as women to be in that category.