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PHILADELPHIA - December 17, 2008 MBA students at Philadelphia University have just completed finals and all have internships; they've been working hard to pay their rent, tuition, and bills for books, but apparently, they have also learned one of the most important lessons they've been taught.

"I know we're students and have a lot of things going on, but just giving some money and time, it's really not hard," MBA student Felicia Henry said.

It all started last week, as MarySheila McDonald, the Assistant Dean of the University's Graduate Business Programs, was listening to her car radio.

"I was driving home and I do turn on 87.7 FM Action News if I can't watch it on TV and I heard your (Lisa Thomas-Laury) story with Crystal the elf, postal worker at 30th Street Station, talking about Operation Santa. The next morning, I did go online to watch it and then I e-mailed my 1-year MBA students," McDonald said.

She asked the students if they'd like to adopt a family and the overwhelming response was yes!

"There are a lot of people going through really rough times and it's important that we all reach out and let them know, they're not alone," MBA student Katie Reutter said.

So, MarySheila drove to the Main Post Office to choose a letter.

"And because we had a big group of people, we picked a large family, a mother and her 5 kids," McDonald said.

"In our classes, they emphasize teamwork and group activities and this is something we could all come together and do," MBA student Larry Friedman said.

But Michelle Conron, couldn't choose just one letter; she left with 16, using her new business knowledge along the way.

"I have 3 families myself and the other ones, I've been spreading out," Conron said.

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