Shopping around the clock

CHERRY HILL - December 19, 2008 On the sixth day before Christmas the true love of sale prices lured shoppers to the Cherry Hill Mall.

Some say they haven't paid full price for anything this season.

"I'm actually amazed today, just about everywhere we go it's like 40 and 50 percent off," Jim Wallace of Medford, New Jersey said.

Most shoppers said the economy is affecting their buying habits this year and spending less this year, with some only buying gifts for the closest of relatives.

"I'm spending less money, just buying for my children, and my nieces and nephews," Radhida Williams of West Philadelphia.

Black Friday may kick off the holiday buying season, but experts say the Saturday before Christmas is actually the biggest shopping day of the year.

"Now, retailers are pulling out al the stops because they want you coming into their store," Linda Wolstromer of Cherry Hill Mall said.

Most stores already have extended hours, but Macy's Cherry Hill will be open 24 hours a day from 6 a.m. Saturday until 6 p.m. Christmas eve. The only other Macy's in our region to take part in the Marathon is Hamilton Mall, it started Friday.

"We're going to be catering to those who work late nightshifts; we're going to be catering to those in the police department, public transportation, the healthcare industry," Macy's manager Robin Grim said.

Macy's believes if its open they will come.

The experiment started a couple of years ago in New York and has grown with success each year.

For some, shopping in the wee hours is appealing.

"I work twelve hour shifts, so after work, I would come right up," Lisa Schmidt of Northeast Philadelphia said.

"I wouldn't [go shop late at night], but I know my wife probably would," Rich Wright of Ewing, New Jersey said.

Most retailers won't know until January if their bottom line is naughty or nice.

They are looking forward to a wave of buying after Christmas when people come in to spend holiday gift cards.

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