Eagles rally at Chester County school

January 16, 2009 3:31:25 PM PST
Some Chester County children are wearing the green these days and it's not for St. Patrick's Day. With the enthusiasm of the Eagles taking the field, the kindergarteners through 7th graders at St. Monica's School in Berwyn ran triumphantly into their gym for today's pep rally.

The rally was organized by St. Monica's cheerleaders.

"We actually only found out on Wednesday, so it took a lot of hard work," 7th grader Elizabeth Loftus said.

At least it wasn't hard work for them to get the crowd into it.

7th grader Nick Kovich predicts the Eagles will win ? his score: 100 to 10.

Even the youngest fans were excited!

The students ended their pep rally with a victory parade around the gym and a table full of Eagles-themed treats, including football bagels, cakes, Rice Krispie Treats, and green M & Ms.

The biggest question is who has the tougher job ? the Eagles when they face the Cardinals or the teachers who have the calm the kids back when they got back to class?

Principal Diana Thompson says she'll leave that to her "special team" players, the teachers.

"It's great to be the principal; I'm like a grandmother, I can have all the fun and then I can leave," Principal Thompson said.