Philly Beer Week

March 5, 2009 3:51:10 AM PST
Philly Beer Week - bigger than a six-litre bottle of fine St. Feuillien ale?Absolutely.

The celebration is actually 10 days long, from March 6-15. It is only in its second year.

And already, it has gotten huge. It helps to have a strong beer-drinking community.

"Not only do we have two dozen or so award-winning local breweries, we also have the most diverse selection of imports of any city in the country," says Tom Peters, owner of Monk's Cafe in Center City.

Mayor Michael Nutter helped "open the tap" for Philly Beer Week's inaugural celebration last year. This time around, there are 291 events at a dozen venues in and around the city.

Peters says many beer enthusiasts nationally and internationally are very impressed with Philadelphia's tastes for fine bubbly.

William Penn's hometown could very well be America's best beer-drinking city.

Peters says it even tops famous brewing locales like Portland, Oregon and San Francisco. "The depth and breadth of the beer scene is much bigger here in Philadelphia than it is out West."

Septa has jumped on board, too. It is offering a nine-dollar transit pass, that you can use all day long to hop from bar to bar to bar.

The transit agency calls it "Sip Safe With Septa."

"It's about responsibility, but it's also about convenience," says Septa spokesperson Jerri Williams. "Parking can be expensive in the city."