Zoo Announces Red Panda Couple

February 6, 2009 7:38:51 AM PST
Love is in the air at the Philadelphia Zoo.Guests will have the opportunity to get into the romance of the season and meet the Zoo's new red panda and his mate, along with some of the Philadelphia Zoo's other cutest "critter couples" as temperatures warm up this coming weekend.

Today, keepers will debut the Zoo's new red panda couple, male Pip, and two-year-old female Jing Li, who were introduced to each other just in time for Valentine's Day. The new red panda duo likes nothing more than sharing a tasty snack of bamboo. The warmth of their affection (well, actually, their thick fur) keeps them cozy even in the coldest winter temperatures. Red pandas are native to parts of Asia and are considered threatened in the wild. Pip and Jing Li have been getting along extremely well since first meeting last month; the pair can be seen at their exhibit near the Zoo's Carnivore Kingdom.

Guests visiting this weekend can see other Zoo animal couples including:

Bac & Luna, the Nile crocodiles. The Zoo couple with the most "bite," Bac (male) and Luna (female) arrived at the Zoo in 2003, but have been together for over 30 years. The crocodiles reside in the Zoo's Reptile and Amphibian House

AJ & Sunny, the aardvarks. When not snuffling around after insects in the Zoo's Small Mammal House, AJ and Sunny can usually be found curled up together in their cozy den, looking very comfortable. They may be odd looking animals to you and I, but to each other, they're just perfect!

Zeno & Eudoxia, the sifakas (she-focks) . With Zeno and Eudoxia it was love ? as lemurs experience it - at first sight. Their first baby was born last February. You can often see the adults 'spooning' high in the trees in their exhibit at the Zoo's PECO Primate Reserve..

Ritz & Glory, the bald eagles. These two "love birds" ? eagles and many other birds do bond very strongly, usually mating for life - have been a Zoo couple since 2004. . Background:

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