Mrs. Fixit: Fruitastic Ideas

February 6, 2009 7:57:40 AM PST
Wait a minute, don't throw away those fruit containers, take a look at the packaging, I can show you how to reuse them around your home.

Those yummy little clemintine oranges come in a sturdy wooden crate. This crate is the perfect size for stashing items that need to be moveable, like oils and spices to the stove, condiments and silverware to the table or craft supplies to your work area.

Check out the plastic tab that comes on a bag of apples. It's a nice disposable tool for smoothing a caulk line, scraping glue off of a project or scraping paint splatters off of glass.

The plastic snap top containers that berry and grapes come in are great for ribbon or string storing or dispensing. Simply line up the spools and thread the ends through the hole in the top. Or how about holding needles, thread, and a scissor for a small sewing kit.

Its also a great little basket to stash in the sink. If you don't have a disposal, scrape plates and debris into the container, the water seeps out the bottom. When you're finished you can easily dump everything into the trash.

Just a few easy ways to reuse all of that fruit packaging. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.