Admission after admission from Fumo

February 12, 2009 3:31:51 PM PST
Former Pennsylvania State Senator Vince Fumo made a number of admissions under oath in federal court Thursday.In effect, he confessed to many of the government's charges. At one point, he said he wished he'd never been elected.

"Look, in retrospect, I wish I never got elected to the Senate," Fumo said.

That came on a day of lightning-round cross examination, and Fumo made one admission after another.

  • Yes, he used his state senate staff to run private errands, doing chores at his two shore houses and on his boat.
  • Yes, he used his senate staff to work on his political campaigns, working out of his senate office and using senate equipment.
  • Yes, he had his senate staff send personal items like, coffee, tea and his favorite hair spray to his home in Florida.
  • Yes, he used his senate FedEx account to ship the items.
  • Yes, he loaned tens of thousands of dollars worth of senate computer equipment to his family, his friends, and his friends' children.
  • Yes, he had senate staff snoop on his former girlfriend, Dottie Egrie, reading her email and going through here computer files.

    "Why are you using senate staff to do this?" the prosecutor asked. "I said I was broken-hearted. I was jealous and it shouldn't have been done," Fumo answered.

    Fumo also admitted he used senate money to spy on Egrie.

    He admits he hired a private detective to follow her at the shore, hoping to get her arrested for drunk driving.

    Fumo says he regrets it.

    "As I said, I'm already very sad and remorseful and apologize for this and to her...everyone," Fumo said.

    Fumo says his senate staff may have done personal and political work for him, but they did on their own time.

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