Overnight fires declared arson

March 21, 2009 3:27:42 PM PDT
Two fires in the fire-plagued city bear a similarity to earlier arsons.Felicia Taylor's lawn furniture was set on fire when an arsonist came calling at about 12:30 this morning.

She and her fiance were inside her Madison Street home when a neighbor came banging on the door saying something was burning behind the house.

"The swing was right up against the house out back. So we pulled it away from the house and out to the yard so it wouldn't burn the house," Buddy Miller said.

"I ran down in the basement, turned the water on, and got the hose and extinguished it out," Felicia Taylor said.

A second fire on the 100 block of Hope Street occurred in a trash can between two homes, two blocks away on Hope street. Residents of the homes report spotting the arsonist.

One woman described what her fiance saw: "He saw a young man at the trash can with a lighter you would light a grill with and the sensor light didn't even seem to phase him."

"The arsonist is bold because there's a lot of lights back there. I have two sets of motion lights back there and I have dawn to duskers in front," Paul Evans, the victim's landlord, said

Both fires were quickly extinguished.

Nobody was hurt in either fire.

Residents say someone set a fire in the same place last month. There have been 46 arsons in Coatesville since February of last year and 21 set just this year. Two suspects have been charged in 10 of them. But the fires have continued since their arrests.

The arsons continue to fuel anger and fear around the city.

Ten children and a disabled person live in the two homes near the trash can that was targeted last night.

In each fire, witnesses were able to give a description of the possible arsonist to authorities. At this point, the arson task force has not issued any information about a suspect or the latest fires.

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