Amelia's Grocery Outlets offer deals on food

May 13, 2009 10:06:29 AM PDT
Amelia's Grocery Outlet is like a T-J Maxx or Marshall's -- for food.

Tamika Henderson, of Upland, Pa., estimates she saves about $100 on each shopping trip to Amelia's.

"Big-time savings. I learned about it about three months ago and have been going ever since. They have much more deals than any other place I've been," she says.

On the shelves at Amelia's 11 stores, you'll find plenty of brand-name products. The manufacturers use the chain to sell off items that are getting new packaging, or new sizes, or items that are getting close to their freshness or expiration dates.

But the store guarantees what they sell is good to eat.

Jeff Good, who founded the chain along with his business partner Mike Mitchell, says, " We would not be in business if we sold anything that would make people sick, Number One. Number Two, we would also not be in business if we sold anything that was stale."

Among the deals we found:
20-ounce bottles of Gatorade were $.50.
6-packs of General Mills cereal bars were $.99
Boo-Berry cereal was $1.79 a box.
64-ounce cartons of Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice were $1.99
Cartons of Ben and Jerry's ice cream were $1.69
Boxes of Van de Kamp's fish fillets were $2.00

But just as with other kinds of outlet stores, the inventory and deals are constantly changing.

Good explains, "When you come to shop this week, you'll see certain branded items and certain sizes. Three weeks later, we'll still have that category, but we may not have the exact same item."

Amelia's Grocery Outlets don't stock fresh meat or poultry. They don't take credit cards, but do take, cash, checks or debit cards. Also, they accept a very few manufacturers' coupons. A list of which coupons are NOT honored is posted at the store entrances.

For more information about Amelia's Grocery Outlets, check out their website.

The chain has stores in Lancaster, New Holland, Roherstown, Reading, Manheim, Coatesville, Royersford, Harrisburg, Allentown, and Pottsville, Pa., in addition to Woodlyn.

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