Safe bust nets drugs and weapons

May 19, 2009 3:58:53 PM PDT
Philadelphia police have divulged the contents of a 3 ton safe they seized during a burglary call in Olney.Investigators say they just happened to stumble upon all of this after responding to a burglary call in Olney. It was very early Friday morning when they got the call and upon arrival police found an extraordinary assortment of weapons. Those included fully automatics, semi-automatics, assault rifles, high-caliber handguns, even a fully functional World War II era automatic rifle manufactured in Nazi Germany.

"When you look at the types of weapons that were seized in the city here most often we seize 9 millimeter handguns we don't come across weapons like this too often. It's fortunate that no one was inside that property," said Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn.

Investigators then made their way to the basement where they found an enormous vault weighing several tons. That's when police discovered what the owners of the weapons were protecting.

"Inside that safe was in excess of $1.4 million in marijuana."

Officials from the department are breathing a sigh of relief that the discovery was made when the home was vacant. Because, they say, quite frankly the standard issue body armor worn by police would've done little to protect them from this kind of fire power.

"I could tell you as a police officer when you spend 13 years with the SWAT team seeing these weapons here send a chill up my spine," said Lt. Vincent Testa.

"These weapons are fully automatic you have the capability of firing multiple rounds in seconds these are deadly weapons that are on display here," said Blackburn.

So far there have been no arrests in this case.

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