On the Net: Wine tasting job

June 11, 2009 7:10:09 AM PDT
A job that'll pay you $10k a month and Google's new rival. Here's a job opening that's all the buzz on the Internet, one winery wants to pay you to enjoy their drink as long as you promise to tell everyone online how much fun you're having.


Food and wine lovers are exactly the kind of candidates Murphy-Goode Winery is looking for. Someone who can live in a winery, drink wine, and blog about it. That's right, not only does the job pay you to drink wine and learn about the wine making process, you get to brag to the world about it on all and any of the social networking sites. Oh and did we mention the compensation, $10,000 a month for 6 months!

Areallygoodejob.com is still taking video applications for what they call it's Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent. Remembering your title may be more difficult than the actual job. Of course, aside from loving wine and being social networking savvy, you must be 21.

LINK: http://www.areallygoodejob.com


Microsoft's new search engine Bing.com is trying to take a bite out of Google....a pretty hefty goal, but here's how it distinguishes itself....unlike Google which returns links to websites, BING crawls listings for review services like Yelp.com and CitySearch. It's particularly helpful if you are looking for travel accommodations or a restaurant. It even summarizes results and scorecards for each rating things like service, drinks, food, and wait times.

LINK: http://www.Bing.com


What if some of the most famous and infamous historical figures were able to twitter? What would they tweet? Historicaltweets.com is dedicated to contemplating just that. Log on to find out what Marie Antoinette or Abe Lincoln may have twittered about during their most defining moments.

LINK: http://www.Historicaltweets.com


President Obama promised more transparency in the White House. Now, one website is holding him and our lawmakers to it. Readthebill.org is the site behind a movement to make sure the public is aware of what's in a bill before it's passed. The site claims quote "you didn't have the time to read the 1,100 page stimulus and neither did members of Congress by their own choice."

Readthebill.org wants legislation to be available online for 72 hours before the debate in the houses begins. There is also a list of rushed bills on the website for your review.

LINK: http://www.Readthebill.org

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