The new wrinkle in removing wrinkles

June 18, 2009 3:12:53 PM PDT
It's been nearly 7 years since Botox changed the landscape of wrinkle removal. Now, it's getting its first director competitor.

Dr Tim Greco tells his patient,"Go ahead and frown for us," as he looks over her face.

Terri Wallace, of Audubon, New Jersey, says the furrows that used to be fleeting are becoming more permanent.

And that's not the look this energetic mother of two wants.

She wants to look " More relaxed, more fresh....more like I used to."

She thought about Botox, but then learned that Dr. Tim Greco was getting a brand-new wrinkle relaxer this week, called Dysport.

It has the same muscle-relaxing toxin as Botox, but it's more diluted.

So it may produce more subtle changes.

During some tests, Dysport lasted longer than Botox.

And the price could be lower - in Europe, treatments cost about 20% less.

That could start a price war with the maker of Botox.

Dr. Greco told us, "Patients who've used Botox, they will probably want to check it out. We hear that from patients all the time - "What's new?"

There are some caveats - concerns were raised in trials that Dysport may spread more than Botox, so it could affect unwanted areas, such as the eyelids.

Doctors overseeing those trials attribute the adverse reactions to higher doses that were used in the early tests.

But Dr. Greco thinks he'll use both products with some patients, to get the right look.

Another botox-like product is awaiting FDA approval, and there's even a topical form in the works.

Dr. Greco. says, "It's in phase 2 trials right now, and what better way to get rid of wrinkles than without that stinking needle!!!

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