Make money at home with Twitter!

Plus warning about inheritance scam
July 6, 2009 Job seekers are being told there's a lot of money to be had using Twitter and you can get all the information you need to get started Risk-Free. But there is a catch a very big, very expensive catch. says Learn how to use Twitter and make commissions! Get your risk-free Twitter Profit Software kit. In it we reveal secrets from industry experts.

Here's a similar offer, even says you can make up to $873 per day!

"The BBB has characterized these pretty much as scam opportunities. They don't ever produce the promised results or what they're promising people to make doesn't pan out," said Andy Goode of the Better Business Bureau.

The "catch" is outlined in the fine print.

To get the software kit from either company you have to register and submit your credit or debit card information or both companies will then automatically enroll you and charge you for the companies' membership programs if you don't cancel within the 7 day trial period.

"These companies will charge anywhere from $50 to $100 a month each month."

And if these programs sound familiar they should. Just last month, Action News warned you about a similar scheme but this one promised you could make money at home using Google.

"It was just a little square and it said, work from home, writing ads for Google," said Karen Dunn of Havertown. "It's just wrong on so many levels plus I was supposed to make money and now I'm losing money."

Meantime, EasyTweetsProfits did not reply to Action News's requests for comment. But Twitter Profit House did.

It says: "The terms and conditions of the trial offer are clearly and conspicuously displayed on every page... We also have a check-box that the customer will need to check to submit the order... If a customer does not see the text, we are willing to give a full refund."

Check out one email hitting in-boxes these days. Stephanie Corbett claims to work with Aspen Consultancy Ltd London and writes: "We are conducting a standard process investigation involving a client who shares the same name with you and the circumstances surrounding investments made by this client at Lloys TSB Private Banking Ltd. The client died interstate and nominated no next of kin to inherit the title over the investments."

The email then asks a number of questions including can you establish beyond reasonable doubt your eligibility to assume status of next of kin?

"Sometimes these guys aren't phishing for financial information right off, sometimes they're just phishing to confirm emails or fax numbers or other communications so they can make a target list."

We did email the sender of that email but never got a response. However, we did get a response from the real Aspen Consultancy, which is a mortgage brokerage firm. The legitimate Aspen Consultancy says it has nothing to do with the email!

The scam is similar to ones we've seen before it's only the details that are different.

BBB Warns Against Twitter Money-Making Schemes

Philadelphia, PA July 1, 2009 -Through Tweets, e-mail and web sites, job hunters are being told that they can make lots of money from the comfort of home using Twitter. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns that the large print for such offers may promise big returns but the fine print can cost them every month.

Currently 14.5 million Americans are out of work and looking for a way to bring home a paycheck according to the most recent jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Work-at-home schemes have often preyed on unsuspecting job hunters and now Twitter is being used as a way to convince cash-strapped individuals that they can make quick and easy money.

"Twitter is the newest, bright, shiny object online and a perfect hook for yet another work-at-home scheme," said Edward Johnson, BBB president. "The pitch used to be about making money by sending e-mails or by placing ads on Google but now cash-strapped job hunters need to be wary of shelling out money for a dubious scheme that revolves around Twitter."

Unfortunately, such "Make Money With Twitter" schemes may sound risk-free but bear many red flags prompting the BBB to advise job hunters to be extremely cautious.

One e-mail picked up by the BBB stated: "Twitter Workers Needed ASAP, You're Hired! Make Extra Cash with Twitter; As seen on USA Today, CNN, and ABC... Apply Now!"

The e-mail links to, a company based in Surrey, England. claims you can make $250-$873 a day working at home with Twitter. The Web site offers a seven-day free trial of their instructional CD-ROM for $1.95 to cover shipping. Buried in the lengthy terms and conditions are the details that the trial begins on the day the CD is ordered—not when it is received—and if the consumer doesn't cancel within seven days of signing up, they'll be charged $47 every month.

Similar to other work-from-home schemes, phony blogs by made-up individuals have been created as testimonials to the success of Twitter-money-making programs. is one such phony blog —supposedly by a Derrick Clark of Virginia— where the author brags about making up to $5,000 a month posting links to Twitter. The blog also includes an image of the supposed check Derrick received for posting links on Twitter, but the exact same photo of the check has been used countless times on other phony blogs for various suspect work-at-home jobs.

The blog links to which, similar to, claims you can make $250-$873 a day working at home and offers a seven-day free trial of their instructional CD-ROM, for $1.99 shipping. Again, however, reading the fine print shows that the trial period starts once the CD has been ordered and the consumer will be billed $99.99 every month if they don't call the company to cancel.

"These Web sites have not been up for very long so, if experience has taught us anything, we know that it's only a matter of time before the complaints start coming in," added Johnson. "We also know from experience that the offers are pure bunk."

The BBB wants job hunters to be aware of the following red flags when searching for a work-at-home job online:

*The "job" is actually a money-making scheme and doesn't provide actual employment.
*The work-at-home scheme claims that you can make lots of money with little effort and no experience.
*You have to pay money up front in order to be considered for the job or receive more information.
*The exact same tweet touting the program is posted by many different Twitterers. The links in such tweets could lead you to scam sites or install malware onto your computer.

Full Statement from Twitter Profit House:

As you know, this website was launched sometime last week and we really have not generated any complaints or negative feedback from customers. I believe we may have been associated with other sites that are abusing compliance standards. Throughout the week, we've revised minor areas of the website and marketing materials to come to the final version that is live.

- The terms and conditions of the trial offer are clearly and conspicuously displayed on every page of the offer. On the first and final page, we have the summarized version of the terms and conditions to the left and in prominent font, size, and color next to the order buttons. Here is a copy of the summarized terms displayed on this page:

This is a 7 day trial program. After your 7 day trial period, you will be charged the full amount of $99.99 for a month period for full access to the e-Book. All users will receive instant access to this program. To obtain a CD kit after you sign up, please contact our customer support center. A CD will be shipped to you immediately upon your request.

You may cancel your trial or paid membership program at any time by contact our customer support center at 1-888-822-4507 or by emailing

- On the second page, in addition to clearly displaying the summarized terms, we also have a check-box that is unchecked which the customer will need to check to submit the order. The statement next to the check-box reads "I agree to the Terms and Conditions" and is a hyper-link to the terms and condition.

- As far as claims made on the website, all we mention on the first page is that consumers may learn how to use twitter to make commissions. We further describe that they will be making commissions through affiliate.

This e-Book teaches you how to use the Twitter Social Networking site to promote affiliate advertisements and make commissions. Results may vary depending on marketing skills and technical abilities. This is not a get Rich quick scheme, but a tool that can help you succeed as an affiliate marketer.

- We have reviewed other Twitter sites and we do see the lack of clearly displaying the terms of the offer and the details with the associated with the program. Due to the negative publicity brought up by these offers, we are going to refrain from marketing this website until we can communicate with the BBB and our legal counsel to make sure we are not tied in with similar website's.

As explained above, we are certain that the terms of the trial membership are clearly displayed and adequately explain details of the program. If by any chance, a customer does not see the text on both pages, and does click the link on the terms and conditions check box, then we are willing to give a full refund on all charges. As stated in our refund policy, a customer is allowed a refund.

Please be advised that we have attached screen shots of our website showing where out terms and conditions are clearly stated for reference. Please contact us back if you need any other assistance.

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