Memorial held for civil rights leader in Newark

July 14, 2009 8:40:51 PM PDT
In Newark, Delaware they remembered a beloved civil rights leader who was killed in a car accident. Even Vice President Joe Biden took time to attend memorial services for Littleton "Lit" Mitchell on Tuesday. Black, white, young and old all came to say goodbye to one of Delaware's leading civil rights activist.

Vice President Joe Biden said, "For Lit it was all about dignity, simple dignity."

Mitchell was killed in a crash on July 6th at the age of 90. By all accounts he spent his life fighting for equal rights. The president of the University of Delaware recalled that Mitchell was once even banned from speaking on the university's campus - the same place Tuesday's service was held.

Mitchell spent his lifetime breaking down barriers. In fact he pushed for the desegregation of the Delaware State Police force by having my own father apply to be a trooper after he graduated from college. At the time blacks were told they weren't qualified, college degree or not. But that was the point Mitchell was out to make.

He pushed buttons that prompted change.