Sneak Peek at Back to School Deals!

July 21, 2009 Joe Feeney teaches English as a second language in Northeast Philadelphia. School doesn't start again until September 8th but he's already checking out deals on basic school supplies.

"Notebooks, pencils, erasers," said Feeney.

Feeney normally spends $300 out of pocket on supplies for his students. But this year he's hoping to grab some bargains.

"Hopefully less depending on what I can find, where and when," he said.

That's what the majority of Americans are saying about back to school shopping as well.

Recent polls show 64% said they plan to spend less this year compared to last year. And 52% said they'll spend less than $250.

Only fewer than 2% said they are willing to pay full price for anything.

"You want to look for the really good deals the first week or two in august," said Mike Sporano with Staples.

Although, there are some good deals to be had right now.

"We'll have future penny ads. Two weeks ago, we had packs of paper for a penny, pencils for a penny," he added.

Action News also got a sneak peek at Staple's upcoming circular.

"Next week we've got the 25-cents ads where there are index cards, pencils, sharpeners, pencil cases, glue, all kinds of things like that for 25-cents," said Sporano.

And if you're willing to mail in rebates through this Saturday you can buy any backpack and get 100-percent back on your Staples reward card.

You can also get free pens, pencils, and an electric sharpener!

Walmart also started rolling out Back to School deals early this year.

"Our back to school season started July 5th and it'll run through Labor Day. We know a lot of our customers are going to have to stretch their dollars throughout the season instead of purchasing all at once," said Lisa Fleck with Walmart.

At Walmart, you'll find back to school apparel for under $9. T-shirts start at just $3.50.

Action News found a deal on a netbook for $250 on

Toys-R-Us is also getting into the back to school game early! Deals here include a free lunch kit when you buy a backpack.

Plus, buy one get one half off certain school supplies and books! They also have buy one, get TWO free Crayola products.

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