Playground built by Eagles defaced

July 23, 2009 4:04:07 PM PDT
Police are trying to track down the vandals who used spray paint and fire to damage a school playground built last month by the Philadelphia Eagles.At first glance, it might look like any aging urban playground, that's been tagged with obscene graffiti for years, except its not.

It's a still unfinished quarter million dollar project that's now covered with obscene graffiti.

Elsewhere paint is barely dry and it's tagged.

Last month, the Eagles, including Donovan McNabb, donated time and money to the effort, but now frustrated visitors say vandals have zeroed in on the project.

"There's an area where someone might've put a match to a piece of plastic, they've spray painted the murals, we got names of the taggers so we're trying to figure we can get them," Thomas Hanna of the Philadelphia School District said.

A mother to some of the young kids playing says the neighbors need to step up now.

"I think if the community works together with the cops and they let them know when see something is not right?and the could put a stop to it," Beatrice Irizarry of North Philadelphia said.

Hanna says they would love to find the taggers and be able to help them, by perhaps, "engaging them in a mural arts program so their energy is more positive."

The Eagles tell Action News they are committed to cleaning the playground up and will do so.

Surveillance video is in the process of being sent to police to look over.