Racoons invade N. Philly neighborhood

July 27, 2009 4:05:48 PM PDT
A Philadelphia neighborhood is sending out a call for help before a dangerous situation careens completely out of control.The concern is all about racoons.

By day it looks like any other block. But by night, neighbors on the 2500 block of North 25th Street complain raccoons roam free.

"You can't even sit in the yard. I keep the kids in the house," said resident Vanessa Whitaker.

"It's like they're nesting here and it's getting worse," said Yasmeen Pringle.

Getting worse and, neighbors worry, with no resolution in sight.

When the creatures come out, neighbors flee.

"I live next door to an alley and I saw, last night, two of them. I got up off the steps and went into the house," said block captain Harriet Jonson.

Vacant houses and overgrown lots are potential hideouts here, but there's one particular space neighbors think needs special attention.

It's a back alley, full of clutter and trash, where neighbors believe the raccoons are coming from. The health department is looking into who is responsible for this old abandoned alley, and who will have to clean it up.

While the health department didn't see any here this morning, they say raccoons are drawn to the trash. Trash, the block captain says, gets constantly dumped here.

Neighbors want to capture the critters before someone gets hurt.