Officer pelted, police chase ensues

FELTONVILLE - August 15, 2009 The incident started at around 2:45 a.m. Saturday in Hunting Park when a passenger of vehicle threw an unidentified object at a police sergeant.

As the sergeant went to pull the car with two males over, they sped away.

The sergeant was able to bring the fleeing car to a stop outside of a club on the 4800 block of Rising Sun Avenue.

Once there, the two males refused to exit their vehicle.

Police were forced to break the window of the car in order to access the passenger.

Once the police attempted to remove the occupants of the vehicle, dozens of people leaving the club began to join in the commotion and began pelting the officers.

This led police to call in assistance from neighboring districts.

As the crowd began to spill out in the streets, more police districts were called.

No injuries or number of arrests have been reported as of yet.

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