Jurors visit subway crime scene

CENTER CITY - August 18, 2009 The defendants reported to a subway entrance as their trial shifted underground to a subway station to give jurors a close up view of the crime scene.

Jurors walked the reported path of the killers and were shown the 13th Street concourse where 36-year-old Sean Conroy was fatally beaten by a group of teens in March 2008.

Jurors saw the railing where the Starbucks' manager, who'd been heading to work, collapsed unable to breath.

On trial for the murder are schoolmates Ameer Best, who was 17 at the time of the killing, Nashir Fisher, who was 16, and Kinta Stanton, who was 16, as well.

The three are charged with pummeling Conroy with punches and kicks based on a dare to prove they were not afraid to hit someone. They've all pleaded not guilty. Two claim they were there, but didn't take part in the attack.

One of two teens who previously pleaded guilty in the case testified 17-year-old Rasheem Bell telling jurors they all were involved.

Defense attorneys challenged his credibility saying he's lying about the others to get a lighter sentence for himself.

In one exchange Bell was questioned by a defense attorney:

Defense Attorney: You killed Sean Conroy right?
Bell: Right.
DA: You're a murderer, right?
Bell: Yes
DA: Do you have any Remorse?
Bell: Yes.
DA: Then why didn't you turn yourself in right away?
Bell: I don't know.

Rasheem Bell's guilty plea and a conviction for any of the defendants could result in 40 to 80 year prison sentences. The Sean Conroy murder trial continues tomorrow.

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