100-year-old man assaulted, robbed

SOUTHWEST PHILADELPHIA - August 20, 2009 "What's my reaction? They deserve to be shot," said Southwest Philadelphia resident Frank Sands.

Helen O'Brien asked "Horrible, Horrible. How could someone do that to an elderly person?"

There's outrage on the 6700 block of Grovers Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia since news spread their 100-year-old neighbor Joseph Dimarco was beat up and robbed for $30 and his groceries.

Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker told reporters, "An African American man, we believe in his 30's, comes from behind, throws him on the ground, and beats his head against the curb."

From there Walker explains the man ran away... leaving Dimarco unconscious. He suffered bleeding on the brain, but police say he's now with family after being released from the hospital.

Neighbors know Dimarco as a community staple. He's very active despite being a century old. Each day, we're told, he would clean his yard and feed his cat... chatting with people on the block.

Police haven't connected the suspect to any other crime, but want to catch him before he can prey on other older adults.

Walker added, "He's clearly a coward if he's attacking a 100-year-old man. But to grab him by his back and beat him - he's reckless, out of control, and needs to be taken off the street."

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