Phila.-N.J. biker gang busted

PHILADELPHA - August 24, 2009 That's why more than a dozen members of the Outlaws found themselves in handcuffs on Monday.

The gang's members have been linked to a five million dollar crystal meth ring that spanned Philadelphia and five surrounding counties.

Jeffrey "Death Row" Hampton of the Outlaws was laughing as he was being led out in cuffs. He was one of forty suspected drug dealers charged in "Operation Ice Breaker."

"I'm laughing because I don't know why I'm even here," Hampton said.

15 members of the outlaws are among the accused mid and lower level members of the drug ring. Using wiretaps and surveillance, agents learned the meth came from Mexico by way of Atlanta, Georgia.

Over seven months, authorities say, William Lees of Philadelphia distributed approximately 28 pounds of crystal meth worth $2.5 million through his network, which included several members of the Outlaws.

"These drugs are not victimless crimes. I don't care what people say, they lead to violence, burglaries and domestic violence," said Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett.

In addition to meth, authorities seized cocaine, heroin, and crack cocaine.

However, despite their alleged involvement in the ring, the Outlaws are seen as protectors by many of their Kensington neighbors, who credit them with cleaning up the neighborhood.

"They help kids, they help anyone who needs it," said Emily Williams.

More than half the people charged Monday are now in custody. Authorities are looking for the rest and say some will turn themselves in. The investigation is ongoing and more could see more be arrested in the future.

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