Easing anxiety over asthma & allergies

YARDLEY, Pa. - August 24, 2009 10-year-old Marcel Millan has asthma. His mother Janet says when he was in kindergarten he had a severe attack on the bus just before leaving school.

Thankfully his brother Max was there.

"If Max wasn't there I'm not sure Marcel would know to say something because he just didn't recognize at a young age that he was having problems."

Marcel was rushed to the nurse and given his emergency medication. But because things could have ended much worse, Janet became more proactive.

She and Nancy Pazdera launched projectallergy.com. It gives parents tools to keep kids with allergies and asthma safe at school.

The site has forms parents can fill out to let their child's principal, teachers, and bus driver know what to look for and how to handle problems. The site also helps parents find local support and advocacy groups.

Janet used her group to get a HEPA filter installed in Marcel's classroom. And because Nancy's son Jesse has food allergies, she's included links to find safe places for kids to eat.

"They'll tell you what's in their food or tell you what kind of allergens you should look out for in certain foods."

Everything on projectallergy.com is free. And while your child's school may already have protocols in place, these moms say taking a few extra steps can give parents more peace of mind

"No one can advocate for your child better than you can."

Project allergy can not give medical advice but it does have resources for parents to find care centers.

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