Consumer wrap: Tuesday August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009 If you're a Verizon customer check your past bills carefully for mistakes. You could be getting some money back.

The nation's largest wireless carrier says some customers were erroneously charged $1.99 per month for Internet data services they didn't use.

So check your bill for a line item that says "data usage" and make sure Verizon knows you're one of the customers affected.

If you fly abroad a lot this might interest you. You can shorten your processing time to 5 minutes or less when you land at PHL!

Philadelphia International and 19 other airports have new automated kiosks.

The kiosk at PHL started running Monday. It lets pre-approved U.S. citizens and permanent residents skip passport-checking lines and most other processing lines when landing from a foreign country.

Apply online and your approval's good for five years. You do have to pay a $100 and submit to a background check.

Instead of going to the window of your local brick and mortar pharmacy for advice, go online. Pharmacy Times, a trade publication, has surveyed thousands of pharmacists about which over-the-counter medicines they think are the best.

You'll find medicines for all kinds of ailments. For instance, the most highly recommended multivitamin is Centrum. If you have a migraine, pharmacists say you should try to Excedrin Migraine and if you're looking for a nasal allergy product, Afrin is listed as your best bet.

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