Students receive free school uniforms

BRIDESBURG - August 26, 2009 They came by school bus to Forman Mills in Bridgesburg to buy uniforms for the start of the new school year.

1,000 students from the Lowell Elementary School in Olney were chosen by the Philadelphia School District to receive vouchers from Forman Mills for a free back to school uniform shopping spree.

This is the ninth year the Pennsauken based Forman Mills has partnered with uniform supplier Longstreet Incorporated to provide $30 vouchers for each child in the chosen school. That's enough to buy three shirts and two pairs of pants or skirts.

"It's actually a big help for us, Right now, with the economy and everything getting bad, we were really happy," Emaly Rivera from Olney said.

School uniforms help defray the cost of back to school clothing, but even uniforms can get expensive for low income families.

"For us to help that financial burden in times like this, it gives us a great sense of proud," Forman Mills' Chris Streahle said.

While shopping can be a drag for children, this shopping spree took on a party atmosphere

Even boxing champ Lightning Harry Joe Vorgey and his championship belts stopped by.

Some of the youngsters said they really look forward to getting back to school.

All the children from Lowell Elementary will now be studying in brand new togs compliments of Forman Mills.

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