Effects of one boy's journey out of daycare

NEWPORT, Del. - August 27, 2009 There were hugs, gold medals, and a lifetime supply of free auto detailing certificates handed out by Marvin Brittingham to 8 Good Samaritans who came to the aid of his 3-year-old son who was found wandering on a busy roadway.

The junior Marvin wandered away unnoticed from the Little Scholars Daycare Center, off of route 896, but was rescued by passing motorists who called police. Since then, a worker at the business has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, while the center is under state scrutiny.

That was all reason enough for the director of Delaware's oldest daycare center to remind parents what to look for before placing their child in daycare, beginning with an initial visit.

"When you visit and you pull up, look to see how you get into the building," Helen Riley of St. Michael's Daycare said.

There were no alarms or someone sitting at the front desk, when young Marvin walked away.

Under a written policy, that Riley says all parents should demand, workers are required to keep track of the children.

Another safety feature parents should look for at a daycare center is if there are security cameras or not.

The grateful Brittinghams hope young Marvin's journey near a dangerous roadway reminds parents to think twice about picking a daycare center.

Anyone who wishes to find out if a center is on probation or under a warning can should click on this link: http://kids.delaware.gov/

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