Eagles & animal welfare groups meet again

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA – September 1, 2009 It's now all a matter on who and how it is all going to get done.

Eagles' president Joe Banner welcomed the group to the closed door meeting.

"What they presented to us today had a lot of potential and if they actually do some of the things that they're planning on doing and have the partners from the community, a lot of good can come from it and a lot of animals can be saved," said animal rights activist Dana Spain.

The team drew criticism after hiring quarterback Michael Vick who served 18 months in prison for running a dog fighting ring.

Vick, who made his debut last week in a preseason game against Jacksonville, has already agreed to participate in two events a month across the country on behalf of the Humane Society to combat animal abuse.

"Collectively as a group, we've decided this is going to be a positive movement with as little adversity as possible," said Niki Dawson of the Camden County Animal Shelter.

For their part, representatives for the Eagles say they are listening.

"People gave us ideas and ways that we could be impactful and I think the biggest thing that came out of it, the biggest message we heard loud and clear was around spaying/neuter issues and how the Philadelphia Eagles could be very helpful," said spokesperson Pamela Browner-Crawley.

But not everyone was jumping on the Eagles bandwagon just yet.

"I like to see action, so I don't think we're at the stage of the game where action is taking place. So you can talk about how good your team is, but until they get out on the field and win a game, that's how you base your judgment," said Susan Cosby, CEO of Pennsylvania SPCA.

Of course she's referring to the fight against animal abuse. The groups have agreed to yet another meeting in the very near future at which they hope to hear exactly what the Eagles are proposing to do in that battle.

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