New supermarket labels to make healthy choices easier

PHILADELPHIA, PA., September 6, 2009

And it could savers shoppers time reading labels!

Acme markets now have "nutrition IQ" shelf tags on about 25-hundred products.

Each tag reveals THAT product's key nutritional information.

Including sodium, fiber, and calcium content.

Dietitians say Nutrition IQ will be a big time-saver... for those under doctors' orders... to watch their diets.

Registered dietitian Emily Rubin says, "Instead of a person picking up a food label, and reading it - it's already right there for them."

More than 30,000 products in the grocery, dairy, and frozen categories were evaluated to see if they qualified for tags.

As new products come into the stores, they will be analyzed to see if they qualify for this shelf-top spotlight.

The program was developed in conjunction with the Joslin Clinic, a major medical center.

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