Bar at site of deadly fall to reopen

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE - September 4, 2009 The fall happened on Saturday, August 29th on the 200 block of South 16th Street.

Police say a tower-style fire escape collapsed at a 4th floor apartment above Monk's Café on 16th Street in the city's Rittenhouse Square neighborhood.

L&I says the railing was rusted through and just gave way.

Killed in the fall was Steven Lee, 25, who lived there. An autopsy showed he died of massive head injuries. Jacquine Seagrest, 24, was released from the hospital with broken ribs and other injuries.

L&I was out Monday to see if the first floor of the building, which houses Monk's Cafe, could be reopened safely.

On Friday, Monk's Cafe was given permission to reopen.

Police say Lee and Seagrest went to the top floor of the building to look at the Center City skyline before the fire escape collapsed.

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