Study: NJ roads worst in the country

CAMDEN, N.J. - September 4, 2009 The worst-in-the-nation designation does not apply to tolls roads like the Parkway and the Turnpike, but instead state and county roads.

"New Jersey roads are horrible!" said Melanie Portman of Riverside.

A lobbying group called Transportation for America used federal highway statistics to show that of the approximately 10,000 miles of roads in New Jersey, over 2,800 of them--or almost a third--are rated as poor.

AAA says the problem is rooted in money.

"We have roads that are old, that are under-maintained and unfortunately right now we're facing a Transportation Trust Fund that is running out of money," said Tracy Noble of AAA.

The TTF, as it's called, gets its money to fix the roads from gasoline taxes.

At 14 and a half cents a gallon, New Jersey's gas tax is one of the lowest in the nation, which means there's less money available for road repairs.

AAA says when polled 65% of it's members said they're opposed to and increase in the gas tax.

"Paying enough at the pump alread! It's high enough. They'll get the money from somewhere, but I don't think they should hike the price of the gas tax," said Skip Clarkson of Camden.

AAA says it's a Catch 22. Everyone wants better roads, but no one wants to pay for them.

State transportation officials say they have crews resurfacing roads all overthe state right now, but the pressure is on to find a way to fund road projects in the future because the Transportation Trust Fund runs out of money next year.

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