Cops stop man with goats on Broad Street

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - September 5, 2009 According to police a man claiming to be Jesus was driving around South Philadelphia with two goats inside the vehicle.

The van was discovered initially at the intersection of Broad and Wharton Streets this afternoon.

Once police were notified, the owner of the van got inside the vehicle and began to drive along Broad Street.

Police were able to pull the man over just one block down on Broad and Reed Streets.

It took the officers quite some time to calm the man down. Eventually the SPCA was able to get the goats out of the van and taken somewhere were they could receive proper treatment.

The ma was visibly upset to see the goats taken from him.

There is no word on if the goats were harmed while in the man's possession.

The van was towed away from the scene.

The man was not taken into custody.

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