Toppled power lines ignite blaze

LAKEWOOD, NJ - September 11, 2009 SLIDES: Pictures of the damage caused by the downed lines

According to police in Lakewood, New Jersey, high winds knocked down a tree resulting in a dangerous domino effect.

The incident occurred around 9:50 a.m. near the intersection of James Street and Route 9.

The toppled tree fell onto a power pole, knocking that over, along with numerous wires.

The wires came down on at least four vehicles and ignited a fire in a panel truck that was carrying food.

At least one person was trapped in one of the vehicles due to the downed power lines, but the person was later freed by rescue crews unharmed.

Power crews responded and turned off the live wires.

Due to the incident, power was out in the immediate area.

Route 9 was closed in both directions, as well.

However, no one was seriously injured in this incident.

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