2 dead, murder-suicide suspected

BUSTLETON - September 12, 2009 Police officers arrived on the 100 block of Greycourt Road after 6:00 p.m. and they found a couple dead in an upstairs bedroom.

40-year-old Robert DiAndrea and his 39-year-old wife Sophia were both stabbed to death in what reports are indicating as a murder-suicide.

According to residents, the area is a quiet neighborhood where many police officers and firefighters choose to live, but clearly that didn't make this community immune to domestic violence.

Neighbors gathered Saturday evening to watch as investigators did their work gathering evidence.

It is not known who was the aggressor and who was the victim nor is it known who found the bodies inside the home.

Action News has learned the couple had two children, both boys in the fifth and 8th grade. The children were apparently not at home when the incident occurred.

Neighbors say both are students at the nearby St. Albert the Great school.

Their mother Sophia was reportedly a Philadelphia public school teacher, while their father Robert was said to be an employee for the city's water department.

Workers from the medical examiner's office arrived on the scene, while investigators continued their efforts to piece together what led to the double tragedy.

So far police are making no official comments and relatives and nearby neighbors have refused to comment.

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