Pot plants found on baseball field

MORTON, Pa. – September 15, 2009

It happened near School and Baker Streets in a Delaware County community, right in a municipal park.

Someone's been doing a little illegal gardening in the tiny borough of Morton.

Investigators were back out Tuesday looking for more marijuana plants in the municipal park after police found a pair of 3 foot pot plants growing in the shrubbery not far from the baseball field's third base line.

Morton Police Chief Eugene Guarnere is also stunned, stunned that he found out about these plants from Philadelphia journalists.

"My concern was somebody went right to the TV stations and didn't notify the police department. We could have set up surveillance and possibly caught someone or find out who planted these."

Chief Guarnere says the good news is that they were able to recover some evidence from scene including some basic gardening tools.

"We found water bottles there that we are looking now to see if we can get any prints off of but yes someone was definitely going up there everyday doing something with that."

We spoke with neighbors living near the park, many of whom say, they're disappointed but not surprised.

Local investigators say they would very much like to know the identities of the people tending to those pot plants.

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