Sleepy mother lets child drive

September 17, 2009 12:08:36 PM PDT
A 30-year-old woman from Coatesville has been held over for trial on charges of child endangerment. 30-year-old Lakisha Houge was driven back to jail after her arrest on September 6. On that day, a Coatesville cop spotted a white Dodge Durango traveling down Walnut Street. Behind the wheel was Houge's 6-year-old daughter, beside her was her laughing mother.

According to a police report, Houge told the arresting officer she was teaching the 6-year-old how to drive, but when questioned by a relative the child said, "Mom made me drive because she was sleepy."

"Was she smoking that stinky stuff again?" the relative reportedly asked. According to the report, the child's tearful response was simply, "Yes."

In court, Assistant District Kimberly Callahan recounted the story about the driving 6-year-old and how Houge fell asleep at the police station after her arrest.

Callahan calls the incident disgraceful.

Lakisha Houge was already facing an October 13 trial on other unrelated legal matters. Now, she'll also have to answer to charges related to this case including endangering the welfare of a child.