Five shot, one dead in playground shooting

CHESTER, Pa. - September 21, 2009 It happened at the Pulaksi Playground near the intersection of 8th and Caldwell Streets around 7:00 p.m. Sunday.

Police say upwards of one hundred young people - adults and children - were gathered for a basketball game when a car drove up. Someone in the vehicle opened fire on the crowd.

Five people were hit by flying bullets. One of them, Felix Pizarro, Jr., 19, was killed.

One of the victims was struck in the neck and driven to the hospital after the shooting. That victim was last reported in critical condition.

The other three victims, all ages 19 and above, were treated and released.

Police say it is fortunate others were not injured considering the gunman continued to fire into the crowd at random as the car sped away north on Caldwell Street.

Police have found a car that matches the description of the vehicle parked at the William Penn Housing Project. But so far they're not sure if that is indeed the car that was involved in the shooting.

Police don't know what trigged the gunfire, and they say they are not getting much help from the dozens of people who were there when the shooting happened.

Pizarro's father said he begged his son to stay away from the park, which he said is a frequent haven for drug dealers and users.

"Just get out of the park, get out of the park. But nobody listens to me, nobody listened. I said 'Get out of the park, please," said Felix Pizarro, Sr.

Felix Jr. graduated from Chester High School in June and had been planning to take business classes at community college. Now his father is planning his funeral.

"It's tough," Felix Sr. said. "It's tough."

Lavera Naylor's son was the man who was shot in the neck and her niece was shot in the leg.

"I had just dropped them off. It was a nice little gathering down here, everyone got together for the basketball game," Naylor said. "Within minutes I got the phone call."

Grisel Jimenez's boyfriend was shot in the ankle.

"He started running, and I guess he collapsed. He couldn't run no more."

If you have any information, you can call Chester Police at 610-447-7810.

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