Cat burglar on the loose in Bensalem

BENSALEM, Pa. - September 21, 2009 The crimes began last week. Police say someone either broke into or tried to break into six homes while the families inside were sleeping.

Three of the incidents happened on Anaconda Way.

One home targeted was that of Tracey Zaffino. But, the burglar got away empty-handed, thanks to Rufus, her 180 pound Saint Bernard. The burglar came in through the front door after midnight, and only Rufus heard him.

"My dog started growling, he was sleeping on the floor next to me. I took off downstairs and heard what sounded to be like a vicious attack. A table went over, maybe was pushed over, then 30 seconds later the door slammed shut," Zaffino said.

The daring cat burglar met no resistance when he struck next door, going through the front living room window of Diane Stewart, who was asleep on the couch. He went through the house undetected and got away clean.

"I didn't even notice until the morning when I saw the window open, and wondered why. I still didn't notice until there was money missing out of my wallet. Then, when I went upstairs, there was a light on in the closet, and that scared me to death when I knew he was upstairs," Stewart said.

A few days later, investigators say the burglar forced his way into a home and woke up a resident who was sleeping on the couch. There was a confrontation, and the homeowner suffered an injury to his shin before the burglar fled. He managed to get away with a money, jewelry and a camera.

Police say other, similar crimes have happened on Belview Avenue, Corey Road and White Oak Lane.

The suspect is described as a short black male with light skin. He was wearing jeans and a dark sweatshirt.

The burglar has been seen in a gray-blue, four door Ford Taurus with a dent to the passenger side door and fender.

"He just feels he has a right to go into people's homes, no matter if they're home or not. That presents an imminent danger to the residents," said Sgt. Andrew Aninsman of the Bensalem Police.

If you have any information call Bensalem Police at 215-633-3700.

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