Police: Teen burglars had shotguns in pants

WOOLWICH TWP., N.J. - September 22, 2009 Police were called to a complaint of two suspicious teens who were, quote "walking funny" around 11:20 a.m. on Monday.

Officers stopped them and found that each boy, ages 16 and 17, had a loaded shotgun concealed in a pant leg.

One was a 12-gauge shotgun. The other was a 410-22 combination shotgun/rifle. Police say the two stole the weapons from the 17-year-old's grandfather in the 1800 block of Kings Highway.

Both teens were arrested. Because of their age, no other details about the suspects were available.

They are charged with illegal possession of weapons, burglary, theft and possession of marijuana.

Police don't believe the teens were planning on using the weapons, but rather to sell them. Now, they're trying to find out who the teens were planning on selling the weapons to.

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