Rash of burglaries in Yeadon

YEADON, Pa. - September 23, 2009 Police say all the break-ins happened in a four block radius on the west end of Yeadon.

Those who were affected by the home invasions told Action News about their experiences.

Manuela Moya awoke Wednesday morning and found a first floor window torn off and a trash can laying upside down under it, but the thief or thieves didn't get away with anything.

Police suspect one of them leaned against Moya's vehicle during the attempted breakin, sounding off the car alarm.

Moya heard it go off around 4:00 a.m. but didn't think much about it.

Now, her thoughts dwell on what could have been.

"I'm just worried for my kids and my mom. I am worried for myself, but because the kids go from 9 months old to 6-years-old. I'm scared for my family," Moya said.

Will Durant, who lives around the corner, also awoke to a frightening scene.

His two daughters got out of bed around 5:00 a.m.

"They noticed the alarm was going off. It was beeping it was cycling and they knew someone was inside house," Durant said.

He headed downstairs and also found a window pried open and a dirty footprint on his carpet, but the perpetrators had already taken off.

"I'm just glad he wasn't in the house when we came downstairs because you don't want to confront anyone like that," Durant said.

Police have no suspects.

They are analyzing fingerprints left at the scenes and warning residents to be on alert.

This morning's victims certainly are.

Bedtime won't be the same for awhile and they're now taking new measures to protect their loved ones.

"Now I'm going to put an alarm in the house and cameras in the house," Moya said.

Police want residents to report anything suspicious and to lock first floor windowns and doors.

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