6abc's FlashForward Forward Thinking

September 24, 2009 While there are numerous inquiries one could ponder after viewing the pilot episode, we here at 6abc.com have decided to choose 6, for some reason.

If you need a complete summary of the episode before looking over these questions, click here and read it on the official ABC page.

Question 1: Why was there a kangaroo in the middle of the street that passed Mark just after he awoke from the blackout? Maybe the kangaroo represented the jump in time, or, perhaps, they couldn't find a polar bear.

Question 2: Really simple question - what was Seth MacFarlane doing in the FBI?

Question 3: What does Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's Islands in the Stream really mean to this mystery? This is the song Demetri's fiancee has chosen for their wedding song, but it can't just be mentioned numerous times just for that reason. Can it?

Question 4: In Stanford's, the FBI head's, vision, he mentioned that a bird flew into the window and broke its neck, is there meaning behind that? Another Lost connection: In an early Lost flashback, young Walt seemingly made a bird fly into a window.

Question 5: Mark's daughter Charlie said there's no more good days (name of the episode, by the way). What does that mean? Why couldn't she say there will be happy days? Then the Fonz could have made an appearance and it would've been fantastic, unless Chachi showed up.

Question 6: What is the mosaic? Answers please. From just our first view, we've found these parts of Mark's vision that seem to be important: the words Blue Hand, a picture of a doll next to bullet shells, the name D. Gibbons, a three star tattoo, a photo of an old man, the masked men, the date April 29, 2010, and of course, the word Mosaic.

Here's a link that may be useful: Join The Mosaic

And since this is the first edition of 6abc Forward Thinking here's an extra question:

The FBI thought about publishing their visions in The Post? The Post?!! What about the Internet? What about 6abc.com? Come on FlashForward, get with the program!

There were some answers in the preview at the end of the episode, but we won't spoil that for those who didn't see it.

What did you think about the premiere of FlashForward? Did we miss anything big? Let us know and keep us updated on any theories!

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